Relaxation Massage

This is a gentle  massage that promotes relaxation, decrease in blood pressure and a decrease in the sympathetic nervous system firing. It provides an overall sense of calm and peace.

Relaxation  massage treatments  employ many of the same techniques as therapeutic massage but at a slower pace and with lighter pressure, to help put your mind and body at ease. The objectives are to decrease tension in the body as well as promote relaxation systemically.
There are many health benefits of relaxation massage. The treatments can help with a number of conditions and can decrease the stress response in the body.  Relaxation massage  can help with a number of conditions. There are also a number of  advantages, including:

◦ Increased Blood Circulation
◦ Improved Sense of Well-Being
◦ decrease in sympathetic nervous system response
◦ decrease in stress
◦ reduction in tension in the body

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