Appointment Info & Booking


The Clinic

The clinic is located at 205- 1075 Marine Drive,  North Vancouver. The office is on the south side of the street between Mackay and Lloyd. There is access to the second floor units from both the front and the back.



Parking and Access

There is access to the second floor on the front of the building for those that choose street parking, are walking or taking transit.  There is also designated parking behind the building which is accessible from the alley. To access the designated parking lot you would turn south on Lloyd and turn left down the alley (head east) the parking lot is behind the second building on your left and is clearly marked 1075.  You can park in any parking stall that is not reserved. You can access the second floor via a door in the covered underground parking and take the stairs to the second floor  or take the stairs/ramp on the outside up to the first floor and then enter the second door on your right and take the stairs to the second floor.  If you have any issues finding the space you can call us at 604.992.5092



Prior to Your Treatment

Book  your appointment online through the links on this page.  Once you have successfully booked you will receive a booking confirmation via email as well as a case history form to fill out via email.  Please fill out all forms prior to your appointment.  They are simple and don’t take much time at all if they are done at a computer or tablet.  The best time to fill in the case history form is when you receive them so you don’t forget.   The information is then sent off to your therapist prior to your appointment so it can be reviewed.  This helps the therapist to create a treatment plan and then  the questions asked prior to your treatment will be very specific so you will get more hands on time.  Please fill in all the fields to the best of your ability. The more details and  information you provide in your case history form the greater the ability the therapist has to provide you a safe and effective treatment.  If you do not fill in the case history form prior to your visit please show up 15 minutes prior to your treatment in order to do so. You will be required to fill in the information prior to treatment.

If your visit is due to a motor vehicle accident or you would like me to direct bill your insurance companies please email me at  so I can send you the appropriate forms. These forms are only required in the event that the above scenarios apply to you.



Arriving at the office

Please have a seat in the reception area and your therapist will retrieve you for your appointment.

What to Expect

Prior to the treatment your goals, objectives, concerns and any relevant conditions will be discussed. Assessment will be done prior to the massage treatment. During your massage treatment you will be in a professional environment and will be treated with care and respect. All professional boundaries will be respected and adhered to.

If you engage in a healthy, active lifestyle you will have greater results with massage therapy and enjoy the benefits of your treatments for a greater length of time.

Massage Therapy North Vancouver